Here are some resources to help better understand Voice of the People’s mission:
Responding to Voters’ Dissatisfaction with Government:  This major study released in January 2019 finds voters are seeking candidates who they believe will be more responsive to the people. Their dissatisfaction with elected officials in Washington, DC is fueled by the pervasive perception that they give a higher priority to special interests, partisan interests, and wealthy campaign donors. The survey finds that voters from both parties endorse the Citizen Cabinet method for consulting constituents, and that most believe government would find more common ground if the public had more influence.
12 Reasons For the Citizen Cabinet:  This is an excellent fact sheet for discussions on the merits of the Citizen Cabinet, briefly laying out the plus points of the concept.
Case For a Citizen Cabinet: This is a short, three page document that neatly lays out the basics of why a Citizen Cabinet can help our democracy work better, a must-have backgrounder to help you engage others!
Who Supports the Citizen Cabinet: This is a handout that shows who is on our bi-partisan Advisory Board, from former Members of Congress to business leaders and even a Nobel Prize winning economist.  It also shows that the American people overwhelmingly support the idea!
What is Public Consultation?: Your one-stop shop to get the basics of what public consultation is all about.
What is a Citizen Cabinet?  Find all the answers to all your burning questions about the Citizen Cabinet right here.
How Smart is the American Public?  The possibility of having a Citizen Cabinet raises the question of whether the public really has something to offer. The average person is by definition, well, average. So why isn’t it better to simply rely on the experts without bothering to consult the public?