The Washington Post reported today that the Netflix series “House of Cards” is a runaway success in China. The series casting Washington as a cesspool of self-seeking political operators, while surely exaggerated, has been a hit in the US as well, speaking to Americans’ deep lack of confidence that the government is being run to fulfill the Founders’ mandate to serve the common good.

As the Chinese and others absorb these images, we can see the consequences for the prospects of democracy all around the world. The American people’s loss of confidence in their government is more than a minor public relations problem within the US. America is a model to the world and when its citizens lose confidence, everywhere it saps people’s resolve to pursue democracy, strengthening the hands of autocrats.

Voice Of the People arose from conversations with the American people in which they said what would help restore their confidence in government was for the government to more systematically listen to and be guided by the sense of the people. To strengthen American democracy, restore its legitimacy, and move beyond its image as a House of Cards, here and abroad, it’s time for the American government to re-anchor itself in ‘We the People.’