Americans are fed up with all the drama and the overall level of nonsense on display in the Capitol these days.  But if the American people had a more effective way to engage, would it help?  Would a fresh jolt of common sense from the people help leaders cut through the nonsense and find common ground, or would it have the opposite effect and just polarize the debate even more? 

Fresh evidence surfaced this week that it would clearly help avoid the kind of gridlock we’ve been witnessing.

A new NBC/Esquire poll finds:  “At the center of national sentiment there’s no longer a chasm but a common ground where a diverse and growing majority – 51% – is bound by a surprising set of shared ideas.”

A great deal of research confirms this point – that Americans are not as divided as our political system makes it seem.  An overwhelming majority of Americans agree that if Congress listened to the people more, it would help break through the gridlock.

Find out how a Citizen Cabinet can help the American people cut through all the nonsense, and help leaders in both parties find common ground, by delivering a healthy dose of common sense — straight from the people.