The bi-partisan budget approved today by the U.S. Senate pushes back the short-term threat of another costly government shutdown. That’s the good news. The bad news is, it also pushes back any serious effort to break the gridlock in Washington and reach common ground on a longer-term fiscal solution, and it fails to address a host of other big issues that remain unresolved:

  • A long-term plan to address the budget deficit
  • The Social Security funding shortfall
  • The Medicare deficit
  • Fiscal solvency of the U.S. Postal Service
  • The Farm Bill
  • Immigration reform
  • Decaying transportation facilities and other public infrastructure
  • Tax reform
  • Energy and environmental policies
  • Privacy and government surveillance issues
  • Good governance and political reform initiatives

As long as special interests and narrow partisan agendas continue to dominate the debate in Washington, little progress can be expected on any of these fronts.

We need to bring a new voice to the table – the only legitimate source of power in a democratic republic like ours – the informed voice of the people. The American people are less polarized than Congress and CAN help break the gridlock on all of these issues. But their voice isn’t getting through today.

Congress needs some new tools in their toolbox – tools that can’t be manipulated or drowned out by special interests – to give the people a greater voice and help Congress make better decisions.

That’s what Voice Of the People is all about – and our innovative Citizen Cabinet model can do just that. Now is the time to make it happen: Sign our petition today.

Let’s not find ourselves looking at this same laundry list of unresolved issues at this time next year, and the next, and the next….