Speaking at Voice Of the People’s launch event, former Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) called the government shutdown “the ultimate hood ornament on the political dysfunction here in America.”  The two parties remain far apart as the shutdown continues, and research continues to show most Americans are not as polarized as Congress and perfectly capable of comming together and finding common ground.  The problem today is their voice is not getting through.  Bringing the common sense of the people to the table could help break the gridlock in Congress.  Watch Senator Dorgan explain how the ‘noise of democracy’ is drowning out the ‘voice of the people.’

Watch Senator Dorgan’s remarks:

The American people want something better.  They want a better way for their voice to be heard, and now there is one: a Citizen Cabinet.  The Founders wanted our leaders to be guided by the ‘calm and deliberate sense of the community’, a common sense that still exists in America today, but is not getting through to our government. As Former Governor and Congressman Mike Castle (R-DE) asked, “can any of us say the ‘calm and deliberate sense of the community’ is governing us today?”  Clearly not.

There can be no doubt that a Citizen Cabinet, channelling the common sense of the American people, would allow Congress to break through this gridlock that has to this point made compromise difficult.