After several false starts, Congress is once again taking up the issue of postal reform this week. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a full committee hearing today on a bipartisan bill, The Postal Service Reform Act of 2017 (HR 756). The bill proposes using cluster boxes, keeping Saturday delivery, addressing retiree benefits and pension liabilities, and cutting costs, saving $2.2 billion a year. But is this the right approach?

What to the American people think? Voice Of the People conducted an in-depth Citizen Cabinet survey to find out how the American people would reform the U.S. Post Office based on previous reform proposals and here is our full report

How would YOU reform the Postal Service? VOP also created an online simulation, designed to put you in Congress’ shoes, so the American people can have a voice on this issue. You can go through a background briefing prepared by a bipartisan group of experts, weigh the options Congress is facing, and share your views directly with your members of Congress. Try it now at:

Should the Post Office scale back pension liabilities and healthcare costs, close some post offices, offer new services to raise revenue? What about Saturday delivery, or rural service? The choices Congress faces are not easy. Here’s your chance to get informed, weigh the options, and make your voice heard.