8/21/2019The American Public Has a Plan to Cut the Deficit: Higher TaxesYahoo NewsFederal Budget
8/20/2019Could the public do better than Congress at controlling the deficit?Washington PostFederal Budget
7/19/2019Raskin To Hold Town Hall About Hot Topic Issues Before CongressPatch.comGovernment Reform
6/26/2019U.S. Voters Divide Along Party Lines on Trump’s China Trade WarBloombergInternational Trade
5/21/2019Poll: Americans Want To Stay In Nuclear Arms Control AgreementsDefense OneNuclear Weapons
5/21/2019Md. Poll: Americans Hesitant on Nuclear WeaponsNewsmaxNuclear Weapons
5/20/2019UMD Survey Finds Large Bipartisan Majorities Favor Prohibiting President from Using Nuclear Weapons First Without Congressional ApprovalYahoo NewsNuclear Weapons
5/20/2019Survey: Americans Say President Shouldn’t Launch Nuclear Strike Without Congressional War DeclarationDaily BeastNuclear Weapons
5/20/2019Survey: Most Americans Want to Curb the President’s Power to Launch Nuclear AttacksCenter for Public IntegrityNuclear Weapons
4/22/2019NATO’s fate uncertain as long as Trump is presidentThe Toledo BladeNATO
4/10/2019House Democrats Pass Bill to Restore Net NeutralityGizmodoNet Neutrality
4/9/2019Dems Say Net Neutrality Bill Would Throttle ‘Unjust’ PracticesLaw 360Net Neutrality
4/5/2019Seven ways to look at NATO at 70Washington PostNATO
4/4/2019House Democrats refuse to weaken net neutrality bill, defeat GOP amendmentsARS TechnicaNet Neutrality
4/3/2019More than 8 in 10 Americans support NATO, study findsWashington PostNATO
4/3/2019Restore net neutrality: Mike Doyle’s bill would recodify a sensible practicePittsburgh Post GazetteNet Neutrality
4/3/2019Senate Makes Symbolic Vote in Favor of Net NeutralityToledo BladeNet Neutrality
4/3/2019Russia in Review, March 29-April 5, 2019Russia MattersNuclear Weapons
2/6/2019Morning Defense (Russia)PoliticoNuclear Weapons
2/6/2019INF nuclear treaty: Russian Federation plans new missile systems after pulloutAlong the BoardsNuclear Weapons
2/5/2019Survey: Two-Thirds of Americans Want To Keep the INF TreatyAnti-War BlogNuclear Weapons
2/5/2019Donald Trump’s Nuclear Weapons Treaty Exit Opposed by Most in U.S., Including RepublicansNewsweekNuclear Weapons
2/5/2019Putin Orders ‘Tit-For-Tat’ Weapons Development After Trump Withdraws from Historic Nuclear TreatyNewsweekNuclear Weapons
2/5/2019Two-Thirds of Americans Oppose Trump’s Withdrawal From Nuclear PactDaily Beast Nuclear Weapons
2/5/2019Overwhelming Majority Believe U.S. Should Remain in Controversial Arms AccordCenter for Public IntegrityNuclear Weapons
2/5/2019Facing Decades in Prison, Anti-Nuke Activists Condemn Trump for Putting ‘Human Experiment’ at Risk With INF WithdrawalCommon DreamsNuclear Weapons
2/5/2019Overwhelming Majority Believe U.S. Should Remain in Controversial Arms AccordYahoo NewsNuclear Weapons
1/30/2019Discussion on Federal Government and Public OpinionC-SpanVoter Dissatisfaction
1/29/2019On the EDge: Pelosi wins first round of brinksmanship tug o’ warSt. George NewsImmigration

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