The policymaking simulation on Iran’s nuclear program is live on Voice Of the People’s website. Users can get the facts, evaluate the arguments and send their recommendations to their representatives in Congress. The online tool allows anyone a chance to weigh in on what the United States should do regarding Iran’s future use of nuclear technology.

For the study, which was released on July 15, a representative sample of Americans went through the process that puts the respondent in the shoes of a policymaker. Working online, they were briefed on the current issues of Iran’s nuclear enrichment program, and presented options for negotiations or furthering sanctions. They were allowed to make their own detailed proposal on the course the United States should pursue.

“The policymaking simulations are the foundation of our Citizen Cabinet initiative – a bold, new platform for informed citizen engagement,” said VOP Executive Director Richard Parsons. “They are an extremely effective tool for determining exactly what people want their government to do on even the most complex issues, once they have the basic facts.”

To try the simulation, click here.