Today we celebrate the signing of our Constitution in 1787, a lasting testament to the power of a simple idea: that ‘We the People’ have the ability and the right to govern ourselves. 

Americans’ commitment to the core principles enshrined in our nation’s founding documents remains just as strong today as it was back then. Yet our confidence in government has never been lower.  That’s because, despite all our advances in technology, our democratic system has not adapted to keep pace with the growing power of special interests and partisan elites to polarize and distort our politics. These forces have become so dominant that the voice of an informed public no longer plays the central role our Founders envisioned. Our system isn’t working the way it should because the people’s voice is not even getting through.

This Constitution Day is a good time to say “enough!” If you are frustrated and want to do something meaningful to improve the way our democratic system works, today is the perfect day to share this message with friends, make a donation, or sign our petition to provide a powerful new way to bring the voice of the people directly to Congress, by creating a national Citizen Cabinet.

Add your voice to the call, and share this message on your social networks today!