Large Bipartisan Majorities Favor Growing Trade Through International Agreements

A new in-depth survey from the University of Maryland finds that large majorities of Americans have concerns about the impact of international trade on the US economy, job security, and inequality, but an overwhelming 87% support the US, together with other countries, continuing to promote the growth of trade through a set of agreed-upon rules […]

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Over Eight in Ten American Voters Favor US Continuing to Be Part of NATO

Nine in Ten Do Not Support Threatening to Withdraw from NATO if Europeans Do Not Increase Military Spending Celebrations of the 70th anniversary of NATO on April 4 may be clouded by concerns about statements by Donald Trump questioning the US commitment to NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. However, a new survey finds that […]

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Two-Thirds Oppose US Withdrawal From Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty, New Survey Finds

As the Trump administration has formally initiated the process of withdrawing from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with Russia, saying that Russia has persistently violated the Treaty, a just-completed survey of American voters finds that two thirds oppose taking this step, opting instead for staying within the Treaty and redoubling efforts to work with […]

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Major Study Finds 2020 Voters Seeking Candidates Who Will Be More Responsive to the People

Voters from Both Parties Endorse New ‘Citizen Cabinet’ Method for Consulting Constituents Most Believe Government Would Find More Common Ground if Public Has More Influence Looking toward 2020, a major new study finds voters are seeking candidates who they believe will be more responsive to the people. Their dissatisfaction with elected officials in Washington, DC […]

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To Regulate Immigration, Only 4 in 10 Favor Building a Wall, While 7 in 10 Favor Requiring Employers to Use E-Verify System, More Guest Worker Visas

An in-depth survey finds that, to discourage illegal immigration, only 4 in 10 favor building a wall, rather a bipartisan majority of 72% favor requiring employers to use the E-Verify system to ensure that the people they hire have the legal right to work in the United States. At the same time, to meet demands […]

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Rochester Voters Agree on $250B+ Deficit Reduction, Changing Spending Priorities & Rolling Back Tax Cuts

Survey Finds Rochester Area Republicans & Democrats Share Common Ground on Federal Spending and Taxes In an innovative survey of Rochester voters that gave respondents the opportunity to make changes to the discretionary federal budget and federal taxes, a majority of Republicans and Democrats converged on steps to reduce the deficit by $251.3 billion, making […]

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Overwhelming Bipartisan Majorities Support Bill Giving Judges Discretion to Moderate Prison Sentencing

A new survey finds overwhelming bipartisan support for provisions in a bill that would give judges greater discretion to ease prison sentencing, sponsored by U.S. Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA).  Some provisions were also contained in the House-passed First Step Act. Both pieces of legislation would roll back mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses that were […]

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Majorities of Republican and Democratic Voters Agree on $128 Billion in Deficit Reduction, Raising Revenue and Cutting Spending

In a unique survey in which respondents made up their own Federal budget, majorities of both Republicans and Democrats nationwide converged on a combination of spending cuts and revenue increases that would reduce the deficit for 2019 by $128.4 billion. Majorities of all voters in very red districts and very blue districts went further, agreeing […]

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Very Large Majorities Support Congressional Bills to Reduce Influence of Big Campaign Donors

A major study of voters’ views of campaign finance finds that large majorities support numerous bills in Congress that seek to reduce or offset the influence of big campaign donors.  These include bills that call for a Constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision, increasing disclosure requirements for campaign donations, and promoting more small […]

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Large Majorities Oppose Trump Administration Move to Allow More Offshore Drilling, Ease Inspection Requirements

A new survey of registered voters finds that 60% oppose the Trump Administration’s proposal to lift the ban on oil drilling along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and to expand the allowed area around Alaska.  In the 17 states along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts that would be affected by the lifting of the ban, […]

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