Large Majorities in States Suing Federal Government Favor Clean Power Plan 

As litigators prepare oral arguments for the 26-state suit to stop the federal government from implementing the Clean Power Plan (CPP), a Citizen Cabinet survey finds that two-thirds of registered voters in the states party to the suit (67 percent) actually favor the Plan. Eight states were also surveyed, including three that are party to […]

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To Conquer Polarization, Listen to the People

In a recent article in The Atlantic, Andrew McGill reports on the current environment of polarization in Congress and how it is a huge frustration with voters. He notes that electing more women to Congress is seen by some as a way to overcome this extreme partisanship, find more common ground, and make the institution […]

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As Philadelphia considers sugary drinks tax, Citizen Cabinet finds support for a similar proposal

The Washington Post reports that Philadelphia is considering a first-ever tax on sugary drinks for the city. The proposal calls for a charge of 1.5 cents per ounce of diet and regular soda, energy drinks, juice drinks with less than 50 percent juice, ice tea and other sugary beverages. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has promoted […]

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Congress – following the money, forgoing the people

As members of Congress come back from their Memorial Day break, some recent press stories might be making their return to Washington particularly unpleasant. In an Associated Press/NORC poll a dismal 4 percent of Americans said they “have much faith” in Congress. It’s the kind of news that thrills late-night comedians, but in reality a […]

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Despite the Campaign Trail Chatter, Americans Not Sold on Defense Increase

Listening to all the campaign trail chatter of increasing defense spending, one could conclude that deficit reduction has fallen off the political radar. President Barack Obama’s proposed budget for FY2017 also calls for increasing national defense spending (including nuclear weapons) to $537 billion. The Republican leadership is eyeballing at least that much, while numerous members […]

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Tax on Sugary Drinks Gets Public Support, Especially from Sanders Supporters

The idea of a tax on sugary drinks has gained new visibility in the election campaign as Hilary Clinton endorsed such a proposal being put forward for Philadelphia to fund universal prekindergarten. Bernie Sanders, though, says that he is opposed because of the tax’s regressivity according to reporting by the New York Times. In a […]

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Fazio: Engaged voters can help break the gridlock on federal budget

President Barack Obama released his 2016-17 budget and Republican leaders in Congress immediately pronounced it dead on arrival. House Speaker Paul Ryan has said the Budget Committee will not even hold a hearing on the president’s budget this year. What will likely follow is a series of partisan proposals, designed to play to each side’s […]

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Americans Not Sold on Defense Increase

President Barack Obama and leading Republican presidential candidates have called for increasing defense spending. However, given the opportunity to make their own defense budget, a majority of voters (61 percent) cut defense spending in a new in-depth Citizen Cabinet survey. Not even a majority of Republicans made increases. A report of the survey’s findings, “Rightsizing […]

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As Congress stalls on the budget, the people weigh in

The latest budget news from Capitol Hill – that the Republicans on the House Budget Committee are postponing markup of the annual tax and spending framework until March – sure sounds like a tune we’ve all heard before. Instead of coming together to move the budget process forward, another round of partisanship is moving us […]

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GOP, Dem Changes to Federal Budget Slash Deficit $52 Billion

As the announcement of President Obama’s FY2017 budget draws near, a new, national survey finds majorities of Republicans and Democrats agreeing on cuts in spending and increases in revenues that would reduce the projected deficit by $52 billion. In the in-depth ‘Citizen Cabinet’ survey, respondents were presented the President’s FY2016 budget and sources of general […]

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