Survey: Six in Ten Oppose Spending $25 Billion for Wall, But Half Favor Some New Spending

Overwhelming Bipartisan Majority Favors Path to Citizenship for Dreamers Majorities Oppose Eliminating Family and Lottery Based Immigration Programs, But 6 in 10 Favor Cutting Them Back Washington DC:  As Congress gears up to make another run at addressing immigration, a new in-depth survey of registered voters presented the major proposals under consideration and found that: […]

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Six in Ten Support the Alexander-Murray Healthcare Fixes

A new in-depth survey presented the three key provisions of the Alexander Murray bill, that addresses issues with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), to a sample of 2,511 registered voters and had them evaluate arguments for and against each provision.  In the end, all three proposals were endorsed by about six in ten voters.  These […]

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Overwhelming Bipartisan Majorities Favor Greater Restrictions on Lobbying By Former Government Officials

Majorities Also Favor Ending Support for Former Presidents Overwhelming bipartisan majorities support proposed legislation that calls for extending the period that former government officials must wait before they can lobby the government and prohibiting former executive branch officials from ever lobbying on behalf of foreign governments.  Similarly, large majorities favor ending the support the government […]

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Overwhelming Bipartisan Majority Opposes Repealing Net Neutrality

Overwhelming bipartisan majorities oppose the plan that the Federal Communications Commission will consider this Thursday, December 14, to repeal the regulations requiring net neutrality. Respondents were given a short briefing and asked to evaluate arguments for and against the proposal before making their final recommendation.  The survey content was reviewed by experts in favor and […]

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Large Scale Study Finds Majorities in Very Red Districts Oppose Key Provisions in Tax Reform Bill

An in-depth survey on tax reform finds that majorities in very red districts, as well as very blue districts, oppose key provisions in the Republican tax reform bills including reducing taxes on the wealthy, reducing the corporate tax, eliminating or limiting state and local tax deductions, and eliminating the tax on income from subsidiaries in […]

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Overwhelming Bi-Partisan Majority Opposes Allowing Churches, Other Nonprofits, to Engage in Political Activity

An overwhelming majority of 79% voters oppose the proposal to allow churches and other non-profit organizations to endorse political candidates and provide them money and other support.  This includes 71% of Republicans as well as 88% of Democrats and 78% on independents.  Most (55%) say it is ‘very important’ to keep the current law. The […]

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In-Depth Study Finds Bipartisan Majorities Do Not Support Reducing Taxes on High Incomes, Eliminating State and Local Tax Deductions

A new in-depth survey on tax reform finds that fewer than one in four voters overall, and fewer than four in ten Republicans, support lowering taxes for incomes over $200,000.  Sixty nine percent, including 55% of Republicans, oppose the Senate bill’s complete elimination of the deductions for state and local taxes (SALT).  However the House […]

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In-depth Survey Finds Bipartisan Consensus on Steps to Address Medicare Shortfall

The problem of Medicare solvency has gained renewed prominence as the new Congressional budget calls for reducing spending on Medicare by nearly half a billion dollars over the next decade.  Last month, the government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid issued a request for input on addressing Medicare’s problems in light of the Medicare Trustees’ projected […]

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VOP Contributes to New Report on State of the Congress

Americans widely believe that Congress is not working because it does not want to work. Conventional wisdom holds that the blame for any democratic dysfunction lies primarily with current occupants of Capitol Hill. Congress may not be working well because it does not currently have the capacity to work well. The Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) offers an alternative perspective in a new […]

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Majorities Oppose All Key Provisions of House-Passed Healthcare Bill, Including in Very Red Districts

While Senate Republicans move toward finalizing their healthcare plan, a new in-depth survey finds that all of the key provisions of the House-passed American Health Care Act (AHCA) are opposed by clear majorities. Overall, 67 percent oppose the legislation. The study, conducted by the University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation (PPC), includes a six-way […]

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