Trump’s Budget at Odds with Public’s Priorities

New In-depth Survey Finds 10 Major Spending Gaps An innovative survey from the University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation (PPC) reveals significant differences between the budget proposed in the Trump administration’s “Budget Blueprint” for 2018 and what the public recommends. The findings were released today by Voice Of the People. For the top ten […]

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House Committee Takes up Postal Reform – Now So Can YOU!

After several false starts, Congress is once again taking up the issue of postal reform this week. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a full committee hearing today on a bipartisan bill, The Postal Service Reform Act of 2017 (HR 756). The bill proposes using cluster boxes, keeping Saturday delivery, addressing retiree benefits and pension […]

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Iran deal: Keep or Withdraw?

President-elect Donald Trump has proposed that the United States withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran and seek to negotiate a deal with better terms. This brief simulation provides information on the main terms of the deal that was negotiated between Iran, the U.S. and other world powers over Iran’s nuclear program, as well as […]

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Most Americans Oppose Withdrawing from Iran Deal

With the Donald J. Trump administration just a couple of weeks away from taking over the nation’s foreign policy, a new survey from the University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation (PPC) finds that nearly two thirds of Americans oppose withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal and seeking to negotiate a better deal, as has […]

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The Peoples’ voice got louder in 2016

With the year coming to a close we pause to take a breath, thank our followers and reflect for a few moments on our efforts in 2016. The Citizen Cabinet was greatly expanded this year to include a larger national panel, with several thousand participants now taking part in each study. Along with our work […]

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Thomas Schelling (1921-2016)

Our statement on the passing of advisory board member Thomas Schelling: “The news of the passing of Thomas Schelling greatly saddens us,” said Voice Of the People President Steven Kull. “It is difficult to overstate his stature as a scholar or his significance in international affairs. Our nation was fortunate to have his guidance as […]

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Johnson’s Social Security Reform Act Out of Touch with Voters

Representative Sam Johnson (R-Texas), chair of the House Ways and Means Social Security subcommittee, has put forward a bill with a set of reforms to Social Security that the Social Security actuaries say will cover the program’s long term shortfall. However, while there is some overlap, the mix of reforms it proposes is at odds […]

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Support for Trump Fed by Near-Universal Frustration that Government Ignores the People

While there is much post-election interest in a small demographic of voters who shifted from voting for Barack Obama to Donald Trump, an in-depth study conducted in the midst of the election finds that Trump’s victory was buoyed by a broad-based, nearly universal crisis of confidence in how the federal government makes decisions.   The […]

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New video: Dem, GOP voters show bipartisanship on Social Security

This new VOP-produced video shows strong agreement between Republicans and Democrats on how to address the projected Social Security shortfall. The in-depth survey included a representative panel of more than 8,600 registered voters from across the country; respondents received a background briefing, heard strongly-worded arguments from both sides, and then were asked to make recommendations. […]

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As Candidates Prepare to Debate Social Security, Americans Agree On a Path to Fix It

New in-depth survey shows wide bipartisan agreement on reducing shortfall While Social Security did not come up in the first two Presidential debates, moderator Chris Wallace is reportedly preparing to make it a topic in tomorrow’s third and final debate. Meanwhile, a new ‘Citizen Cabinet’ survey released today finds significant bipartisan consensus on four major […]

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