Today the Program for Public Consultation (PPC) released the results of its latest public consultation on Social Security Reform. PPC found large majorities of Republicans and Democrats agree on how to reform Social Security. Click here for the complete report.

A representative sample of Americans went through a process called a ‘policymaking simulation’ that puts the respondent in the shoes of a policymaker. Working online, they were briefed on the current issues of Social Security especially the problem of Social Security solvency, and presented options for reform, with pro and con arguments for each option. Finally, they were allowed to make their own detailed proposal for how to reform Social Security. Using these new tools, they were able to get inside the problem and find solutions–even on a tough, complex issue like the Social Security shortfall.

Now you can try it too. The ‘policymaking simulation,’ is now posted online at – so anyone can go through the same process the representative sample went through. Try it and see how YOU would solve the Social Security shortfall. Once you’ve gone through the exercise, you can share what you’ve learned with your Members of Congress.

On the Voice of the People site you can find policymaking simulations on several topics. In the coming months VOP will be posting simulations on the Federal Budget, the US Postal Service and other topics to provide new, more effective methods to inform and engage the public–and give ‘We the People’ a greater voice in policy decisions.

Try it yourself, share this link with others, and let’s help realize the Founders’ vision of a republic, guided by the sense of the people.