On the same day Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the U.S. Congress, a new public consultation study has been released that finds a clear majority of Americans – 61 percent – support an agreement that would limit Iran’s enrichment capacity and impose additional intrusive inspections in exchange for the lifting of some sanctions. 

The study was conducted by the Program for Public Consultation and the Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland, with Steven Kull and Shibley Telhami as principal investigators. It was fielded with a representative sample of 710 Americans drawn from GfK’s probability-based KnowledgePanel. Dr. Kull and Dr. Telhami presented their findings at an event at the University of Maryland March 3rd.  For event details or to watch, click here.

This study was unique in that respondents were first given a briefing on the issue and evaluated arguments for and against the options of making a deal with Iran or pursuing further sanctions. The briefing and arguments were vetted and refined with Congressional staffers from both parties and other experts. Majorities found the arguments for both options convincing. 

Put yourself in the policymakers shoes: Try the survey yourself at: http://vop.org/consultations/

A report on the survey’s results, “Americans on the Iran Nuclear Issue,” can be found at http://public-consultation.org/studies/Iran_030315.pdf.

The questionnaire for the survey can be found at http://public-consultation.org/studies/Iran_quaire_030315.pdf.