Email Your Friends

A great way to get your friends engaged is to send them a quick note that very briefly sums up the Citizen Cabinet concept and points them in the direction of more information and our petition.  Below is a sample email that you could send to your contacts, but don’t forget to change [Your Name] to your name.  Thank you for spreading the word!


Dear Friends,

I’m writing you today because I’m worried about our country.  The will of the people has taken a back seat to special interest pressure and partisan bickering, and Congress seems unable to get things done or to really listen to what we want.

I just joined an organization called Voice of the People, dedicated to using new online tools to help Congress consult the people on an ongoing basis, and establish a Citizen Cabinet — a representative sample of 100,000 Americans connected online and tasked with providing government leaders with accurate and informed input on what we want them to do.  This would be a big help on those issues Congress can’t seem to resolve.  Our Founders believed that the American people were more than capable of guiding this nation, and that is even more true today with all the information and technology we have at our fingertips.  Using our 21st-Century tools to put the common-sense of the people back in the drivers seat would do a lot to make our democracy work better.  A representative sample this big will be hard to ignore.  With more input from us, maybe Congress will be more able to do what’s right and act with more common sense.  

There can be no doubt that our government is in crisis, but every crisis is an opportunity, and the Citizen Cabinet is a great opportunity to fix what’s broken.  Sign the petition at to re-anchor our government in its founding principle:  that the will of the people comes first.


[Your name]

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