Social Media Outreach

We know most Americans support this idea, so the key is to build awareness with as many people as we can, as fast as possible.  Social Media is a terrific way to get this accomplished.  Spread the word to your network:  Tell them you support Voice Of the People and the Citizen Cabinet, and signed our petition.  Share your enthusiasm (trhough Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, personal emails, etc.) with 5 people, or 50 people, and this movement will catch on quicker than you can imagine.  Make sure as you read our blog to tweet and like posts that you enjoy.

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A #CitizenCabinet is a great way to help Congress work and bring We the People back into govt. See, follow @VOPorg! – click to tweet

A #CitizenCabinet can find common ground where Congress gets stuck.  Sign the petition. Visit – click to tweet

A #CitizenCabinet can end gridlock, fix Congress, give the people a greater voice. Visit – click to tweet

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Please support the Campaign for a Citizen Cabinet.  A Citizen Cabinet would put ‘We the People’ back in politics, help lower partisan tension, and give Congress an unprecedented tool to understand public opinion.  Show you understand our frustration with the Washington status quo.  Visit to check it out.

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