Asked in polls, overwhelming majorities of Americans believe that if Members of Congress were to consult the people, they would be more likely to find common ground on many of the issues that have led to partisan gridlock.

In the Program for Public Consultation‘s extensive pilot study, they found that the public is largely right.  On a wide range of issues that have vexed Congress, citizens—going through policymaking simulations—have found bipartisan common ground on such issues as:

  • Addressing the shortfalls for Social Security and Medicare
  • What spending priorities should be
  • Reducing the budget deficit
  • How to balance concerns about the environment and the economy
  • What the Federal government should do about poverty
  • Addressing the challenges of immigration
  • Reforming the criminal justice system
  • Whether the FCC should repeal net neutrality
  • How to save the U.S. Postal Service