Voice Of the People (VOP) is a nonpartisan organization that seeks to re-anchor our democracy in its founding principles by giving ‘We the People’ a greater role in government. VOP furthers the use of innovative methods and technology to give the American people a more effective voice in the policymaking process.

VOP works with the University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation to develop policymaking simulations to enable individual citizens to get informed on key issues before government, to hear arguments and offer their recommendations to their Congressional representatives.

VOP sponsors policymaking simulation surveys of large national samples of voters and delivers the findings to Congress, the Executive Branch and the media.

In districts and states where Members of Congress want to take into account the views of their constituents as a whole, on specific issues before Congress, VOP recruits representative samples to take policymaking simulation surveys. VOP also convenes meetings of Members of Congress and the representative panel of citizens for in-person discussions about the issues.

VOP has developed policymaking simulations on a wide range of topics, and used them to survey representative panels of citizens in California, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, New York and Ohio, as well as a number of Congressional Districts.

Working with Common Ground Solutions, VOP has conducted in-person events where citizens go through policymaking simulations and discuss their views.