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Federal Minimum Wage

Two-Thirds of Voters Favor a $15 Federal Minimum Wage, $12 Gets Bipartisan Support Tying the minimum wage to inflation is favored by nearly two-thirds An in-depth study conducted by the Program for Public Consultation (PPC) […]


Congressional Term Limits

Five-in-Six Americans Favor Constitutional Amendment on Term Limits for Members of Congress An in-depth study finds that five-in-six Americans favor a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on Members of Congress. While there has not […]

Social Security

Social Security 2022

Large Majorities of Republicans and Democrats Agree on Steps to Drastically Reduce Social Security Shortfall Favor Raising Taxes on Wealthy, Raising Retirement Age, While Increasing Benefits for Low-Income Americans  A new public consultation survey finds significant […]

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality 2022

Three-in-Four Voters Favor Reinstating Net Neutrality in Public Consultation Survey A new public consultation survey has found that a large, bipartisan majority of Americans (73%) support reinstating net neutrality, including 82% of Democrats, 65% of […]