The Crisis and Opportunity
of American Democracy

The Federal government is currently failing to address numerous problems, due largely to increasing partisan polarization leading to government gridlock.

While many believe partisan polarization in government is a reflection of the American public, research reveals that it is due to the increasing role of competing special interests seeking to influence government through partisan channels.

Research shows there is far more common ground among the American public than in government. The American people can play a crucial role in helping the government move through its impasses.

the People

Voice of the People seeks to give the American people a greater voice in government by promoting the use of new methods and technologies for public consultation, and communicating the people’s views to policymakers, the media and the public.

Voice of the People works with the Program for Public Consultation (PPC) at the University of Maryland which takes citizens through an online process called a “policymaking simulation.” Participants get a briefing on a current policy proposal under consideration in Congress; evaluate arguments for and against; and then make their recommendations to policymakers. Learn More

Representative samples of nearly 100,000 citizens have gone through policymaking simulations on hundreds of policy proposals. Learn More

Revealing Common Ground
of the People

Voice of the People has identified more than 200 policy positions supported by majorities of both Republicans and Democrats. These common ground positions offer a path forward for solving problems in a wide range of issue areas. Learn More

Working in States and
Congressional Districts

Voice of the People also works in Congressional districts and states to enable Members of Congress to hear from a representative sample of their constituents. Learn More