Specifically designed for policymakers, Ear to the People is a newsletter focused on public opinion of emerging federal policy proposals.

Public Opinion on US Policy towards Ukraine-Russia War

August 2023

  • A large bipartisan majority supports the US providing military assistance to help Ukraine, including military equipment, ammunition, training and intelligence.
  • When US support to Ukraine is framed only in terms of financial assistance support drops to a modest majority or a plurality, with Republicans at most divided.
  • Bipartisan majorities or pluralities support sending both light and advanced weapons, and defense systems.
  • A very large bipartisan majority supports the US sending humanitarian aid.
  • Majorities prefer that the US support Ukraine’s position of not entering peace negotiations until Russia has first committed to withdraw its forces or until Ukraine has reclaimed its territory, even if this stance results in a prolonged conflict.  While a clear majority of Democrats favor this position, Republicans views are more mixed.

Public Opinion on Regulating AI

May 2023

  • Current Polling on the Government’s Role in Regulating AI
  • General Opinion of Government Regulating AI
  • Requiring transparency of the data and algorithms used in AI
  • Notifying users interacting with AI systems, and letting them opt-out and interact with a human
  • Preventing discrimination and bias by AI
  • Using algorithms to make decisions about employment, loans and medical treatment
  • Restricting altered images and videos