APRIL 2023

Public Consultation on Minimum Wage Garners National TV Attention

Over twenty major market TV stations from Arizona to Washington DC covered University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation’s (PPC) recent study on minimum wage and the work of Voice of the People to give the American people a greater voice in government. The public consultation survey found two-thirds of Americans favored a $15 minimum wage and bipartisan support for a $12 federal minimum wage. Click here to follow the national coverage.

PPC Study on Term Limits Featured in Southeast Regional Outlets

A public consultation on congressional term limits conducted by UMD’s Program for Public Consultation and promoted by Voice of the People was covered in two regional outlets, New Orleans’ WGSO radio and the Northern Kentucky Tribune. The public consultation survey on term limits found that five-in-six Americans favor a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on Members of Congress. Voice of the People’s Vice President JP Thomas was interviewed about the findings of the public consultation on term limits for WGSO’s radio show, Ringside Politics (segment starts at 1:31:50). He emphasized that common ground on issues like term limits is more common among the American people than in Congress. 

New House Administration Subcommittee on Modernization

Voice of the People and other civil society organizations sent a letter to Chairman Bryan Steil and Ranking Member Joseph Morelle of the Committee on House Administration thanking them for creating the new standing Subcommittee on Congressional Modernization chaired by Rep. Stephanie Bice with ranking member Rep. Derek Kilmer.

The committee’s creation builds on the years of work of the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress and its 202 recommendations, which include developing a public-facing platform for constituents to offer their opinions and feedback on legislation.

Minimum Wage

Put yourself in the shoes of policymakers by trying our policymaking simulation on minimum wage policy. In this simulation, you’ll get a briefing about the issue, learn the arguments for and against raising the minimum wage, and register your views. Once you finish the simulation, you’ll have a chance to send your recommendations to your Congresspeople.

Improving Understanding of Public Opinion

Standard polls provide helpful insights into the public’s views on government and policy. But when polling on lesser known or complex topics, standard polls can provide incomplete information or even be misleading.

With the debt ceiling fight looming in Congress and protests in France raging about an increase in the retirement age, Social Security has become a hot topic. When Americans are asked about raising the retirement age on Social Security in a standard poll, when not provided with background information or other options, respondents oppose raising the retirement age. However, when respondents are given a background briefing and allowed to look at the situation as a whole regarding Social Security, respondents answer differently.

In the recent study conducted by UMD’s Program for Public Consultation, bipartisan support was found for raising the retirement age after participants were provided with a briefing on the Social Security program and the projected shortfall. It was found that 75 percent of Republicans and 76 percent of Democrats favored gradually raising the retirement age from 67 to 68.

Before Summit for Democracy, Organizations Issue Declaration Endorsing Public Consultation

Dozens of leading democracy organizations from around the world released “A Civil Society Declaration of Democratic Principles” in advance of the second Summit for Democracy. Coordinated by The George W. Bush Institute, the McCain Institute, and Freedom House, the Declaration contains 14 key democratic principles.  

Included was an affirmation of the need for public consultation saying, “States should promote inclusive policymaking by exploring, expanding and refining mechanisms that give citizens a substantive and visible role in the major policy decisions affecting their lives.”

Voice of the People has identified 183 positions on which Democrats and Republicans agree. Find out more at