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Help Congress break gridlockEvery Member of Congress could use input from their constituents that is better informed and more relevant to the decisions they face

Create a Citizen CabinetA scientifically selected representative sample of Americans in each district or state would be regularly consulted on policy issues, using new online interactive tools

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Inform and engage citizensMake Citizen Cabinet tools available to all Americans, so they can get better informed and more effectively communicate their views to Congress

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  • photo of postal delivery trucks

    Ordinary Americans can show Congress how to save the U.S. Postal Service

    November 23, 2015

    There is a financial crisis facing the U.S. Postal Service. In fiscal 2015, it lost $5.1 billion, even though its revenues were up. Yet, as dire as its financial picture may be, Congress has done little to fix the Postal Service. So what would ordinary Americans say should be done, if they were in Congress’ shoes? […]

  • USPS Cover 150x150

    Bipartisan Majority Favors Giving US Postal Service More Freedom to Act Like a Business

    November 17, 2015

    On the heels of the news that the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) posted a net loss of $5.1 billion for FY2015, a new survey of a representative panel of registered voters finds large bipartisan majorities recommend Congress should let USPS act more like a business in ways that would dramatically improve its financial position, according […]

  • Money 150x150

    Given Opportunity to Propose Their Own Federal Budget, Public Comes in Well Under Sequester

    October 30, 2015

    As Congress finally takes action on the budget, in a new Citizen Cabinet survey that gave respondents the opportunity to make their own budget, majorities recommended changes to President Barack Obama’s proposed FY 2016 budget and new revenues that not only met the requirements of the Budget Control Act, but cut the deficit by $280 billion. […]