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Help Congress break gridlockEvery Member of Congress could use input from their constituents that is better informed and more relevant to the decisions they face

Create a Citizen CabinetA scientifically selected representative sample of Americans in each district or state would be regularly consulted on policy issues, using new online interactive tools

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Inform and engage citizensMake Citizen Cabinet tools available to all Americans, so they can get better informed and more effectively communicate their views to Congress

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  • iran deal

    The Iran Deal: The More People Hear, the More They Like it

    July 29, 2015

    Two surveys have just come out on the Iran nuclear deal that showed very different results. The one that simply asked for their initial reaction found plurality opposition, while the one that explained what the deal was about found solid majority support. The Pew Research Center first asked people whether they had “heard about a […]

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    Fixing Social Security: Views from a Red State, a Blue State and a Swing State

    July 27, 2015

    Our latest report, “Fixing Social Security: Views from a red state, a blue state and a swing state” is a comparative analysis of the results of Citizen Cabinet surveys in Oklahoma, Maryland and Virginia on the looming Social Security shortfall. In all three states, large majorities – overall and for both parties – chose options […]

  • Inspectors150x150

    Now the Iran Deal has been struck, tell us what you would recommend

    July 14, 2015

    Our policymaking simulation on the nuclear negotiations with Iran is a perfect instrument to learn more about the deal. You will get a briefing, see pro and con arguments to support the deal or increase sanctions, and a chance to make your own recommendations. Try it for yourself here.