Americans on Police Reform
A national survey of registered voters
July 2020

Police Reform Social Media Toolkit – A resource to help spread awareness about public support for proposals for police reform containing downloadable, shareable images with findings from survey and suggested messages to share on social media.

Large Majorities Favor Police Reforms in Congressional Bills

When a representative sample of American voters were given a detailed presentation of ten police reform proposals in current Congressional bills, large majorities favored all of them. Majorities of Democrats and independents favored all ten proposals. Majorities of Republicans favored six of the proposals; the other four were found at least ”tolerable.”

The proposals were drawn from the two most prominent pieces of police reform legislation in Congress – the House’s George Floyd Justice in Policing Act and the Senate’s JUSTICE Act.

In the innovative survey of 3,226 registered voters by the Program for Public Consultation (PPC) at the University of Maryland, respondents were given relevant background information for each proposal. They then evaluated a series of strongly stated arguments for and against each proposal before making their final recommendation. The briefing material and arguments were thoroughly reviewed by experts representing the range of opinion on the issue, including former police chiefs. Read Full Press Release