VOP in the News: 2022

05/26/2022GOP voters back reinstating net neutrality when given case for and against, poll findsWashington PostNet Neutrality
05/26/2022Poll Shows Bipartisan Support for Net NeutralityGovernment TechnologyNet Neutrality
05/26/2022New Polling Shows More Overwhelming and Bipartisan Support for Net Neutrality ProtectionsYubaNet.comNet Neutrality
04/30/2022Despite Broad Popularity, GOP Moves to Ban Ranked-Choice Voting at Local LevelAlaska NativeRanked Choice Voting
04/29/2022Despite Broad Popularity, GOP Moves to Ban Ranked-Choice Voting at Local LevelCommon DreamsRanked Choice Voting
04/26/2022Congress is Polarized and Broken. But Americans are More United than you Might ThinkCityBizCommon Ground
04/26/2022Common ground more common than shouters sayThe Journal Tioga TribuneCommon Ground
04/23/2022Six-in-Ten Favor Ranked Choice Voting in Federal Elections
USA WireRanked Choice Voting
04/22/2022 Survey finds most Americans favor ranked-choice voting
Election Law BlogRanked Choice Voting
04/22/2022 Women Have Always Been the Heart of the Climate Change Movement: Weekend Reading on Women’s Representation
Ms. MagazineEnergy & The Environment
04/21/2022US credibility against autocrats starts and ends with its use of war powersThe HillWar Powers
04/20/2022New Survey Shows Overwhelming Favorability for Ranked Choice Voting in Federal ElectionsIndependent Voter NewsRanked Choice Voting
Survey finds most Americans favor ranked-choice votingThe FulcrumRanked Choice Voting
04/19/2022Congress is polarized and broken. But Americans are more united than you might think.USA TodayCommon Ground
04/11/2022Los estadounidenses no están muy divididos sobre las soluciones a los problemas de la naciónEl Tiempo LatinoCommon Ground
04/11/2022Maryland: en el 8º distrito respaldan políticas de transición a la energía limpia, según consultaEl Tiempo LatinoEnergy & The Environment
04/08/2022New Survey Finds Maryland’s 8th Congressional District Residents Favor Clean EnergyRenewable Energy MagazineEnergy & The Environment
03/30/2022Bipartisan majorities want more control for ‘the people’ on war and arms salesResponsible StatecraftAuthorization for the Use of Military Force
03/30/2022Bipartisan Majorities Support Legislation Giving Congress Greater Power Over Use of Military Force, Arms SalesRitz HeraldAuthorization for the Use of Military Force
03/28/2022Too divisive? In survey, bipartisan citizen panel agrees on climate, energy issuesBernardsville NewsEnergy & The Environment
03/22/20227th District residents asked to weigh in on energy, environment ahead of 'Citizen Panel' ThursdayBernardsville NewsEnergy & The Environment
01/18/2022Repairing America’s Broken Democracy: Bridge Alliance Members Take Action
Steven Kull, Founder & President, Voice of the People
01/01/2022Interview with VOP President Steven Kull (begins at 22:40)KPFA Evening NewsCommon Ground

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